First Wedding of the 2018 Season

Kaityln & Bobby couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day. With all the crazy weather we have had this year spring finally sprung on March 29th 2018. A week before the wedding the forecast said rain and cold, but when that day came it was 80 and sunny. What a perfect day to their perfect love story. On the grounds of The Creek at Fine Mill cottage C was busy with family getting ready for the big day. Kaityln and Bobby’s son kept the place lively as he ran around the cottage with tons of energy. The couple did all the preparations in the same cottage but in separate rooms. Easy enough to go back and forth to get great getting ready shots of the two lovebirds. Stafany, the brides mother was so excited and emotional at the same time as out of town family started to pour into the tiny cottage. Such a small space with lots of love in the air. As the bride did here final touches Mom and Grand mom helped Kaiyln into her dress you could see how proud they were to see their baby look like an angel on her special day. Meanwhile, Bobby was in the other room so nervous he would make several attempt to put his tie on correctly. After fighting with the ties for what seem like an hour he was ready for action. Bobby headed down to the site were the two would make two hearts one. As he stood there waiting for his princess you could hear the laughing sounds of all three lady on the back of a pick up truck trying not to be seen in the distance by the groom. As Kaityln made her way down the aisle her father walked slowly with her holding back the tears. Bobby was so proud to see is princess for the first time in her beautiful wedding dress. It was perfect please watch the video to relive the experience...

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