Light Hearts and a Bright Day

[Shoshannah & Steve]

Call it fate that Shoshannah and Steve celebrated their wedding on the sunniest day of the week. Everything seemed to fall into place perfectly for the pair, and the beautiful weather genuinely enhanced the quality of their special day. Maymont park was warm with vibrant colors and flowers in full bloom in the Italian Gardans– an ideal location for a couple who so clearly valued the nature around them. In fact, during our initial session at the stone barn, we looked over to find Shoshannah’s children playing on a nearby tree and taking pictures on their cellphones. We couldn’t blame them. We all wanted to bask in the sun and enjoy all that the park had to offer.

Visitors of the park kept staring at the gorgeous bride. Every so often she would receive another compliment regarding her dress. It was actually a dress she made herself. Shoshannah explained how she had originally ordered a gown from overseas, but it wasn’t going to arrive in time. What would typically be a nightmare for any bride became Shoshannah’s opportunity to add a unique touch to her wedding day.

After collecting a combination of both elegant and fun family pictures, we made our way to a gazebo followed by the Italian garden for a private couple’s shoot. There was zero hesitation when it came to embracing one another for photos, because it was authentic and full of love. Each kiss was not for the session; it was for each other. The way they looked at one another other epitomized the love they expressed in their vows. Between each pose, they could even be heard exchanging assurances and heartfelt affirmations. It is for this reason that capturing weddings is incomparable to shooting other events. The raw emotions involved are not only felt in person, but are represented through each portrait and picture. The ultimate goal is to induce those exact feelings whenever Steve and Shoshannah look back on the album.

Before finishing our session at the mansion house, Shoshannah pointed at a magnolia tree overflowing with flowers. We knew there was no way we could walk past it without taking advantage of such a stunning backdrop. As we walked beneath the branches of the tree, the incredible smell had us in awe. The aroma was so captivating that we had to respect nature and restrain ourselves from taking a handful of the flowers. It was a perfect way to end a perfect day. Beautiful fauna, beautiful architecture, and beautiful people.

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